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SimplVac™ is a newly designed vacuum erection device that makes putting on the venous occlusive device (rubber band or tensioning band) easier while still being battery operated . This is less painful and less onerous then putting the band on after the erection and over the vaccum cylinder .


  • SimplVac™ is a new OTC vacuum erection device. It was created by an engineer who suffered with erectile dysfunction. He did not like the current vacuum erection devices on the market. He found them painful and difficult to get the venous occlusive bands on the penis. He reengineered the device so that the occlusive/tension band goes on first. This eliminates the stretching of the band over the large cylinder and eliminates the snapping of the band on the erect penis (ouch!). He wanted to help other men suffering from erectile dysfunction so F&S will be making it available to the general public. SimplVac™ is easy to use and is battery operated, keeping one's hands and arms fresh for more pressing matters. SimplVac™ will be only from F&S Medical Solutions. 

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