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SimplClamp™ is a newly designed and low profile penile clamp for male stress urinary incontinence.It can be retensioned discreetly. Any man suffering from stress urinary incontinence should consider adding this clamp to their armamentarium. It will solve the problem or at a minimum be a different option for a sore penis.


  • SimplClamp™ is a new penile clamp. A board-certified fellowship trained urologist created the new design modifications to the penile clamp in order to improve comfort and efficacy. Its compact design means SimplClamp™ is more comfortable and more concealable than other bulkier penile clamps. The tightening mechanism is more prominent and allows for discreet changes in tightness through pants or short pockets. There are two models which work for different sizes of anatomy and will compress different spots over the male urethra. This means SimplClamp™ can be used by many male patients with urinary incontinence and will help prevent sores from developing because it can be used on different areas on the penis. Because SimplClamp™ does not have any sponge material like many other clamps it does not get as easily soiled and therefore lasts for many months. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water. SimplClamp™ is available only from F&S Medical Solutions.

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