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SimplCath™ is a novel, patent protected, and FDA approved medical device that assists with the catheterization of female urethras. It is the only medical device on the market that aids health care professionals with catheterizing a female. It acts as a barrier to the vagina, retracts the labia, and provides a guide to the opening of the urethra.


  • SimplCath™ is the only FDA approved female catheterization assisting device on the market that assists health care professionals with urethral catheterization of female patients. It was developed by a board-certified urologist who is also board certified in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Feloney watched for years as nurses struggled using catheter kits designed for men on women. Nurses frequently have trouble finding the urethra opening and frequently accidentally contaminate the catheter prior to insertion by placing it into the vagina. It is so difficult to catheterize women that many hospitals require two nursing staff to place a catheter in a female patient. If nurses frequently have a hard time catheterizing a female patient, then it is no wonder that patients who require a catheter to empty their own bladders also frequently struggle to catheterize themselves for similar reasons. SimplCath™ was created to fill both of these ignored needs. However, SimplCath™ is currently only available for use by health care professionals in a clinical environment. Though it has been studied and successfully used by patients for self-catheterization. Please click on the link to a YouTube video of a patient testimonial who was included in the initial study of SimplCath™. 

    SimplCath™ is also latex free! Again, please click on the link to a YouTube video of patient testimonial. Currently, SimplCath™ is available by prescription only; please talk to your health care provider or pharmacy about getting SimplCath™. 

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